What is an Outrigger Canoe?

An Outrigger Canoe, or Kabekel, is the vessel of the ancient Palauan seafarers who navigated the seas. The canoe is designed for ultimate lightness in the water, and was used as a war canoe. Palauans would travel often for weeks in the Kabekel to visit their neighboring islands across the Pacific. Though traditionally built out of a single tree trunk, our canoes are fiberglass replicas. Our 28 foot (9 meter) canoe is a replica of the traditional Palauan war canoes with some unique added features: a rudder for maneuverability and control, increased stability, wide, comfortable cushioned seats that will not tire feet or backs, dry compartments for gear or cameras.

Our Kabekel tours are lead by naturalists. All tours include food, drink, swimming and hiking. The Outrigger Canoe glides silently through the Rock Islands, mangroves and marine lakes. Visit the remains of ancient Palauan villages where stone paths and ceremonial stone podiums tell us the story of the past. Explore caves, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, within the rock islands. Learn the WWII history through Japanese forts, lighthouses, and military and civilian installations.

Relaxed Trip
A relaxed half day tour to Nikko Bay and the Bat Cave.

Full Moon Tour
An excursion under the full moon. Celebrate the night with wine and cheese.

Rock Island Tour
Navigate the labyrinth of the Rock Islands. Explore the Bat Cave and the Mandarin Fish Lake. Full day.

A Night Under the Stars
Cruise to Ulong Island, home to one of the most beautiful Rock Island beaches. Trek to the top and rediscover the ancient Palauan caves. Listen to Palauan legends over the fire. Spend the night under the bright stars. Overnight tour.

Indiana Jones Trail
Jouney to hidden mangrove channels and limestone caves. Snorkel the sunken WWII seaplanes. Visit the Yapese Stone Money Quarry. Full day.

Personalized Tour
Plan your own adventure. Visit hidden treasures such as Peleliu, Jellyfish Lake, Northern Babeldaob, Ngardmau Waterfalls and The Palauan Sunken Village. Palau is comprised of over 350 islands. It is considered one of the natural wonders of the world. Let us know what you are up for and we will arrange a personalized tour for you.

Flora and Fauna
A Kabekel tour is an excellent, undisruptive way to see the rich flora and fauna of Palau. Some highlights include:

Lush Plants
Rare Plants such as wild Orchids and Cicadas (a palm dated back to the dinosaur age) can often be seen.

Magnificent Birds
Observe the Biib (Palau's National bird), a long-tail tropical bird, Cockatoos and green & red parrots.

Palauan reptiles
Including the salt water crocodile (non-aggressive), Boa Tree Snake (all snakes in Palau are non-venomous), the Giant Monitor Lizard (4-5ft long) and more.

The legendary Dugong!!!
It is your opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of the almost extinct Dugong (Manatee). These mammals have long been identified as legendary Mermaids and are now protected by law. At Fish 'n Fins, we have learned about their migration habits and we often see them cruising the lagoon.

Just like the Palauans have always respected nature, our Kabekel tours practice eco-tourism to show respect for the environment. The canoes are the perfect way to explore the Rock Islands without releasing any pollutants into the air or disturbing nature. We reduce all waste possible on our Kabekel tours. The food is local Palauan cuisine not wrapped in plastic containers but in banana and coconut leaves. Our guides offer you comfortable wide-brimmed hats, hand-woven from coconut leaves.

Palauan Food
Kabekel trips serve Palauan food such as smoked, fried and BBQ fish, steamed chicken, pork with taro leaves, tapioca and taro roots, seasonal local fruits including banana, pineapple, watermelon, papaya and green coconut drink.

Canoe & Kayak Trips
Full day trip (with lunch, drinks & guide)
from $95.00 pp
Canoe / Kayak rental   
$30.00 pp per day
Relaxed Trip (Nikko Bay, Bat Cave & The Old Village)$95 pp / $150 
Rock Islands Tour (Rock Islands & Mandarin Fish Lake)$105 pp / $210
Indiana Jones Trail (Mangroves, Caves, Seaplane & Yapese Stone Money)$125 pp / $250
Jungle Book Expedition (Lighthouse, Japanese Fortress, WW II Canons)$105 pp / $210
Full Moon Tour (an excursion under the full moon) $150 pp / $290
A Night under the Stars (Ulong Island, Ancient Caves)$250 pp / $450
$ = price per person for 2 or more people / $ = price for 1 person

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